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Learn about Physics Wallah’s best teachers and succeed in the Civil Services Exam at an affordable price.

In India, traveling in a car with a red light on top and with a ‘Government of India’ sticker on the windshield, it is a symbol of prestige and respect. Becoming an IAS or IPS officer is a highly reputed career in India. If you want to become an IAS or IPS, you need to pass the UPSC exam. This exam is considered the toughest exam in the country. As well as, getting the right guidance to crack the exam can be very expensive. Any students get confused to understand from where to study. But don’t worry, Physics Wallah is here to help! They have a great team of teachers and offer affordable prices, making it a one-stop solution for your UPSC prep.

Why to do UPSC preparation from Physics Wallah?

Here are some reasons why you might consider buying a UPSC exam course from Physics Wallah:

  • Physics Wallah is known for making quality education affordable. Their UPSC courses are significantly cheaper than traditional coaching institutes. This makes UPSC OnlyIAS more affordable to the students.
  • Physics Wallah offers comprehensive study materials, including video lectures from experienced faculty, covering the entire UPSC syllabus.
  • PW provides you with top-class educators from all over the country who will help you to enhance your learning. The educators have produced over 3000 civil servants in the last two decades.
  • Regular practice is key to UPSC’s success. Physics Wallah provides you with Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) and weekly tests to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

What is PW OnlyIAS?

PW OnlyIAS is a specialized initiative by Physics Wallah, focused on the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). This program provides top-notch study resources, online mock tests, doubt-solving sessions, separate batches for general subjects, and many more facilities. You can also visit their offline center to crack one of the most competitive exams in India. Experienced faculty members with proven track records, guide students for the UPSC CSE. PW OnlyIAS has given over 250 UPSC selections in just 2 years. Along with paid courses, it also has free courses to lay the foundation of the exam.

Top 5 Teachers for UPSC Preparation in Physics Wallah

Here are a few best UPSC teachers of Physics Wallah. If you are willing to study UPSC from PW, make sure you attend their classes. All these mentors have provided over 3000 civil services during the last two decades.

Rajneesh RajHistory 
Amit Kumar SinghEthics and Philosophy 
Ritesh Rajan JaiswalGeography, Mock Interview Panelist 
Akhilesh GaurEconomics and Polity
Alok S. JhaHistory 

Rajneesh Raj – PW UPSC Teacher

Rajneesh Sir is one of the greatest UPSC teachers of this generation. He has a strong hold on History and Political Science. He has over 20 years of teaching experience in well-known institutes. Rajneesh Sir has guided over 200,000 UPSC CSE aspirants, with more than 2000 successful civil servants. His teaching approach is very simple so that students can easily understand the concept. In spite of being simple explanations, his teachings are quite informative. He holds a postgraduate degree from Delhi University.

Amit Kumar Singh – PW UPSC Teacher

Amit Kumar Singh is a respected UPSC educator with 18 years of teaching experience. He has mentored over 100,000 students, with more than 1000 successful civil servants. Amit has also taught Ethics and Philosophy at Delhi University for three years. He completed his under graduation in Philosophy from DU and post-graduation from Allahabad University. His deep understanding of Ethics and Philosophy is a treasure to the students.

Ritesh Rajan Jaiswal – PW UPSC Teacher

Ritesh Rajan Jaiswal Sir is a highly reputed UPSC Geography teacher with 15 years of experience. He always uses a diagrammatic approach while explaining geographic concepts. Ritesh Sir also serves as a Mock Interview Panelist and Interview Expert. He is no less than an authority in Science & Technology, Environment, and Geography. Several students have said that his notes are an absolute cracker for UPSC exams. His exam success strategies are highly regarded among his students.

Akhilesh Gaur – PW UPSC Teacher

Akhilesh sir is a renowned teacher in economics and politics at Physics Wallah. He has passed the UPSC Exam twice and has over 17 years of teaching experience in various institutes. As we all know Economics and Polity are very critical to understand. Akhilesh sir understands this and uses his expertise to teach the nuances of the subjects to the students. He has qualified for UPSC-IES twice, with All India Ranks of 98 and 56, and cracked the UPSC-CSE Mains twice. He has also arrived for an interview twice. This reflects how much experience he possesses as a tutor.

Alok S. Jha – PW UPSC Teacher

Alok S. Jha is an experienced history teacher at Physics Wallah. He has a unique storytelling method to teach history. Alok Sir has 14 years of teaching experience in prestigious institutions and has mentored over 100,000 UPSC aspirants. He is also a published author with Oakbridge Press. He holds a degree in History from Delhi University. His teaching style even makes boring history into an interesting affair.

🎯Best Physics Teacher on Physics Wallah
🎯Saleem Sir Physics Wallah (PW) – Biography
🎯Manish Dubey Sir Physics Wallah (PW)


Is Physics Wallah good for UPSC?

Yes, Physics Wallah offers UPSC coaching that is affordable and includes everything you need to succeed, such as expert teachers, study materials, and flexible online classes.

Is PW OnlyIAS good for UPSC?

Absolutely! PW OnlyIAS has given over 250 UPSC selections in just 2 years and provides both free and paid resources to help aspirants crack the exam.

Who is the best UPSC teacher in Physics Wallah?

Many students consider Rajneesh Raj to be the best. He is a distinguished faculty member with over 20 years of experience at renowned institutes and has mentored over 200,000 UPSC CSE aspirants.

Are Physics Wallah UPSC courses good?

Yes, they are known for providing quality education at affordable prices. You’ll benefit from experienced instructors and comprehensive study materials.

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