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Physics deals with the world of logics and mechanisms. This extra analytical nature can be difficult for students to grasp compared to subjects they can directly observe. Physics relies heavily on math, concepts and memorizing formulas. Students who struggle with math might find these aspects daunting.

A good teacher can bridge the gap between the abstract concepts of physics and the real world. They can show how these concepts apply to everyday life. They can use clear and concise explanations, along with helpful analogies and visuals, to make the learning process easier.

Subject Teachers
Physics for JEESaleem Ahmed
Physics for JEERajwant Singh
Physics for NEETAlakh Pandey
Physics for NEETManish Raj
Physics for BoardsRahul Dudi
Physics for BoardsMohit Agarwal 

Best Physics Teachers on Physics Wallah for JEE

Saleem Sir PW

Saleem sir pw

Students in Kota know him fondly as “Saleem Bhaiya,” and his real name is Saleem Ahmed. He’s a respected teacher of Physics and idol to many. After earning his B.Tech in Electronics and Computing from the prestigious NIT Trichy, Saleem Bhaiya spent over 9 years teaching in Kota’s top institutes. Now he’s using his passion for Physics at Physics Wallah! He’s not just a teacher though, he’s a mentor who has guided over 10,000 students in person

Rajwant Sir PW

Rajwant sir pw

Rajwant Sir is a respected educator who graduated from the prestigious ISM Dhanbad. For over seven years, he has been a dedicated teacher who has truly made a difference in the lives of his students.  He explains complex concepts in a way that students can understand, and his passion for teaching shines through in his lessons.

Best Physics Teachers on Physics Wallah for NEET

Alakh Sir PW

alskh sir pw

When it comes to preparing for NEET, finding a good physics teacher can make a significant difference in one’s preparation. . In the context of NEET preparation, the best physics teacher for NEET in PW (Physics Wallah) is Alakh Pandey. Alakh Sir is known for his in-depth knowledge and expertise in physics. His strong command over the subject makes students understand very well.

Manish Raj (MR) Sir PW

manish raj sir pw

With a Ph.D. in Physics from Delhi University and over 11 years of teaching experience, MR Sir is known for his magical touch. He doesn’t just teach Physics, he breaks down those tough problems into simple steps you never thought possible.  After teaching at renowned institutes like Sarvottam and others in Kota, MR Sir is associated with Physics Wallah from the last 3 years. His passion is to make Physics click for every student.

Best Physics Teachers on Physics Wallah for Boards

Rahul Dudi Sir

Rahul dudi pw

Rahul Dudi Sir is teaching in PW for physics. Rahul Dudi Sir is a highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher who specializes in physics. He has a deep understanding of the subject and is able to explain complex concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. He can be your perfect choice for the board exam.

Mohit Agarwal Sir

mohit Aggarwal sir pw

Mohit sir himself penned numerous books for physics for JEE & NEET. He wrote NCERT Physics books for 12th boards. He was associated with Aakash Institute in Kota. After that in 2023 he joined PW. Now he is teaching Physics in PW Kota.


Which IIT is Rajwant Sir from?

Rajwant Sir graduated from IIT Dhanbad. Is also known as Indian School of Mines (ISM) which is situated in Dhanbad.

Who is better, Rajwant Sir or Saleem Sir?

While both Rajwant Sir and Saleem Sir are renowned physics teachers, it depends on individuals. Only a student can tell which teacher is better suited for a student.

Who is the best physics teacher in Physics Wallah?

If you are looking for preparation for JEE or NEET then you should opt for MR sir. Since Alakh sir is not taking class regularly, MR sir is the best man out there.

What is the success rate of Physics Wallah?

The overall success rate of 54%, means that 54 out of 100 students get selected in different competitive exams if they prepare from Physics Wallah. It is higher than any other institute in the country right now.

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