Is PW Prayas Batch Good for JEE?

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Cracking JEE can be tough, but it can be achievable with expert guidance and continuous tests. Physics Wallah’s Prayas batch for JEE 2025 and JEE Droppers 2024 are designed exactly for that. Their experienced faculty will guide you through the journey and cover the entire syllabus. The explanations will be clear and materials will be comprehensive. Plus, the course fee is quite affordable, so you can focus on the exam.

PW Prayas JEE 2025 Coupon Code

PW Prayas Batch JEE 2025

The following discount coupon code can be applied to any JEE batch of PW.

PW Prayas Batch JEE Droppers 2024

The following discount coupon code can be applied to any JEE batch of PW.

Teachers in Prayas JEE Batch 2025

Here is the team of teachers in PW Prayas Batch. They have a good experience in the teaching field and they have given top rankers in JEE over the years. If you are willing to prepare for JEE and pursue your IIT dream, then you should follow these legends: 

  • Faisal Razaq Sir
  • Amitabh Sharma Sir
  • Rohit Agarwal Sir
  • Saleem Ahmad Sir
  • Ashish Agrawal Sir
  • Nikhil Goyal Sir

Benefits of PW Prayas Batch JEE 2025

Physics Wallah is known for making quality education affordable. They have a separate batch for JEE which is called Prayas batch. It is cheaper than traditional coaching institutes, making it a great option for students on a tight budget. Here are some reasons why you might consider buying a JEE exam course from Physics Wallah Prayas Batch:

  • Physics Wallah Prayas JEE offers comprehensive study materials, including video lectures from experienced faculty. The entire syllabus of JEE is covered within the Prayas batch within a very short time.
  • PW Prayas JEE batch offers a doubt-solving facility with AI bots, where you can solve your study-related problems within seconds.
  • If you are a dropper then PW has separate JEE batches for you. They have initiated the Prayas JEE 2024 droppers batch only for droppers. Enroll in that batch if you are a dropper. 
  • Physics Wallah offers affordable online courses, making quality education available to a wider range of students, which students likely appreciate.
  • Most of the teachers in the Prayas JEE batch have graduated from IITs. So they have experienced the treasures you are looking for. This first-hand experience can be helpful for the students.

Apart from that, students will get access to Notes, and PYQs. Mock Test Papers, AITS Test Series, Previous year batches & other materials provided by the teachers.

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Is PW Prayas Batch good for JEE?

Yes, Physics Wallah’s PW Prayas JEE is beneficial for the students. You can enroll in the institute to crack JEE Advanced and can learn from the top IIT-JEE teachers.

Can I crack JEE mains with Physics Wallah?

Yes, Physics Wallah is a renowned online coaching platform that offers high-quality educational content. Physics Wallah is known as the top online coaching for IIT JEE for its experienced teachers.

Can I crack JEE mains with Physics Wallah?

Why not! You just need to be consistent every time you study. Study consistently and continuously assess yourself. You will easily clear the JEE.

Is there any coupon code available for PW Prayas JEE Batch?


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