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Are you targeting to crack the JEE in 2024/2025?

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If so, then you will be looking for the best courses to crack the JEE exams and get your dream IITs. You can go for the PW courses. They have one of the best faculty with affordable courses. Now, if you want to save more money on the PW JEE courses.

For example: (Arjuna, Lakshya, Sarthak, Prayas, and any batch), In this blog post, we will share Physics Wallah’s exclusive coupon code for maximum discounts. Lastly, some coupons are valid for a limited time, so make sure to use them as soon as possible.

PW JEE Coupon Code

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PW Pathshala

This foundational course is designed for students in classes 8th to 10th, laying a strong groundwork in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for JEE preparation.

PW Vidyapeeth

This comprehensive course targets students in classes 11th and 12th, covering the entire JEE syllabus in-depth. It’s ideal for those aiming for top ranks in JEE Mains and Advanced.

PW Arjuna JEE

This intensive course is designed for JEE Main and Advanced aspirants, offering advanced-level teaching, practice questions, and personalized mentorship.

PW Lakshya JEE

This flagship JEE Main and Advanced course provides a structured learning approach with a focus on problem-solving techniques and exam strategies.

PW JEE Ultimate Crash Course

This crash course is designed for last-minute revision and exam preparation, covering essential concepts and high-weightage topics.

PW Prayas JEE

This value-for-money course is suitable for students seeking affordable JEE preparation without compromising on quality. It offers a balance of theory, practice, and test preparation.

PW Sarthak JEE

This specialized course focuses on JEE Main preparation, guiding students through the exam syllabus and strategies to achieve their desired rank.

PW Varun JEE Advanced

This advanced-level course is designed for JEE Advanced aspirants, providing in-depth coverage of advanced concepts, problem-solving techniques, and exam strategies.

PW JEE Coupon Code (Arjuna, Lakshya & Prayas)

Physics Wallah IIT-JEE Coupon Code

You can try these coupon codes for JEE Batch.

PW JEE Course NameCoupon Code
Arjuna MHT CET 2025SKUP101
Arjuna KCET 2025SKUP101
Arjuna JEE Gujarati 2025SKUP101
Arjuna JEE-Target JEE 2026 (Hindi+English) 1.0SKUP101
Arjuna JEE 2025SKUP101
Prayas JEE 2025SKUP101
Prayas JEE Hindi 2025SKUP101
Arjuna JEE Hindi 2025SKUP101
Lakshya MHTCET 2025SKUP101
Lakshya KCET 2025SKUP101
Lakshya JEE Gujarati 2025SKUP101
Lakshya Bangla (WBJEE+Biology) 2025SKUP101
Arjuna JEE 2025 + Lakshya JEE 2026SKUP101
Lakshya JEE 2025SKUP101
Lakshya JEE Hindi 2025SKUP101
Sarthak KCET Crash Course 2.0SKUP101
Sarthak MHT-CET Crash Course 2.0SKUP101
Sarthak MHT-CET Fastrack 2024SKUP101
Sarthak KCET Fastrack 2024SKUP101
JEE Ultimate Crash Course 2024SKUP101
Board Booster Maharashtra 12th 2024SKUP101
Board Booster Gujarati 12th 2024SKUP101
Arjuna JEE 4.0 2024SKUP101
Board Booster 12th English 2024SKUP101
Sarthak WBJEE (Bangla) Crash Course 2024SKUP101
Sarthak KCET Crash Course 2024SKUP101
Sarthak MHT-CET Crash Course 2024SKUP101
Varun Advanced 2024SKUP101
JEE Ultimate Crash Course 2.0 2024SKUP101
Prayas JEE Fastrack 2024SKUP101
Lakshya JEE Fastrack 2024SKUP101
Arjuna JEE Fastrack 2024SKUP101
Prayas JEE 3.0 2024SKUP101
Prayas JEE 2.0 2024SKUP101
Prayas JEE 2024SKUP101
Prayas JEE Hindi 2024SKUP101
Lakshya JEE 3.0 2024SKUP101
Lakshya JEE 2.0 2024SKUP101
Lakshya JEE 2024SKUP101
Arjuna JEE 3.0 2024SKUP101
Arjuna JEE 2.0 2024SKUP101
Arjuna JEE 2024SKUP101
Prayas JEE D2 2024SKUP101
Pathshala JEE Fastrack CourseSKUP101
Pathshala 11th JEE 2025SKUP101
Pathshala DROPPER JEE 2024SKUP101
Pathshala 12th JEE 2024SKUP101
Arjuna JEE D2 2025SKUP101
Lakshya JEE D2 2024SKUP101
Rankers JEE Test Series 2023 OfflineSKUP101
Lakshya JEE 2.0 2023SKUP101

How To Apply PW Coupon Code

Here are the steps on how to apply the Physics Wallah (PW) JEE coupon code:

  1. Open PW App / Open www.pw.live (website)
  2. Select the course/batch you want to purchase.
  3. Enter coupon code: SKUP101 in the coupon code box
  4. Then, click on the “Apply” button.
  5. The discounted price will be displayed.
  6. Click on the “Pay Now” button to complete the purchase.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Coupon codes are case-sensitive, so make sure you enter them correctly.
  • Some coupon codes have expiration dates, so be sure to use them before they expire.
  • Not all coupon codes are valid for all batches or courses.
  • You can only use one coupon code per purchase.

PW JEE Coupons – Video

You can watch the following Physics Wallah coupon code video where we explain how you can use the PW coupon code for the JEE Batch discount. It is a step-by-step video guide to using the discount coupon code for PW.

JEE Coupon CodeSKUP101
DiscountUp To 35%
ValidJEE Batches

Why to choose a JEE course from Physics Wallah?

Here are some reasons why you might consider buying an JEE exam course from Physics Wallah:

  • Physics Wallah is known for making quality education affordable. Their JEE courses are significantly cheaper than traditional coaching institutes, making it a great option for students on a tight budget.
  • Physics Wallah offers comprehensive study materials, including video lectures from experienced faculty, covering the entire JEE syllabus.
  • Physics Wallah offers a doubt-solving facility with AI bots, where you can solve your study related problems within seconds.
  •  If you are a dropper then PW has separate batches for you. It will prepare yourself according to your capacity and you will be able to keep up with the pace.
  • Physics Wallah offers affordable online courses, making quality education available to a wider range of students, which students likely appreciate.
  •  Most of the teachers themselves graduated from IITs. So they have experienced the treasures you are looking for.This first hand experience can be helpful for the students.

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NOTE : If the coupon code for PW gets expired or doesn’t work, comment below so that we can update it with working coupons. If you have any other coupon codes, feel free to share them with us in the comments.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coupon code for the Arjuna JEE PW course?

Arjuna JEE PW Coupon Code : SKUP101

How to get discount on Lakshya PW course?

Lakshya PW Discount Code: SKUP101

What is the discount code Prayas batch Physics Wallah?

Prayas Batch Coupon Code: SKUP101

What is the coupon code for the Lakshya JEE batch?

Lakshya JEE Coupon Code: SKUP101

What should I do if the JEE code doesn’t work?

You can use the discount link if the coupon code doesn’t work.

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