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Sudhanshu Kumar Sir is a popular chemistry teacher in India. Students often call him lovingly ‘Katappa’. Known for his unique tricks and explanations, he’s helped students achieve impressive results in JEE & NEET. Currently, he’s teaching aspiring students on Physics Wallah. But before that, he used to teach at renowned  Institutions like VMC and PACE IIT in Delhi.

About Details 
Real nameSudhanshu Kumar
Nick nameSudhanshu Sir, Katappa 
Popular forTeaching Chemistry in PW Kota
ProfessionChemistry Teacher at PW, Former HOD Chemistry Department at PACE IIT, Former Faculty VMC Classes
Date of Birth21st November, 1990 
Age 33
Birthplace Delhi 
Hometown Delhi 
Current Address Kota
High SchoolUnknown
College IIT Delhi.
Educational Qualification B. Tech.
Nationality Indian
Language Speaks Hindi, English

Who is Sudhanshu Sir?

Sudhanshu Sir is one of the most popular chemistry teachers in the country. He is currently associated with PW and students are loving his classes. He has produced an AIR 300 in JEE Adv and an AIR 117 in NEET. His student got AIR 38 in JEE Advanced 2021. He is currently teaching in PW Kota. You will get his recorded classes online, but you must visit Kota to learn from the man himself. 

 Why Do Students Love Sudhanshu Sir?

Students enjoy Sudhanshu Sir’s Physical Chemistry classes a lot. Here are a few reasons for that: 

  •  Engaging Teaching Style: Physical Chemistry itself is a hard and boring subject. But Sudhanshu Sir makes it interesting by providing real-life examples.
  •  Focus on Understanding: According to students, he makes sure that students understand chemistry concepts. If you do not understand the core concept of the topic then it is very hard to score in chemistry.
  • Student-Friendly Nature: Students often call him Katappa. Sudhanshu sir wholeheartedly accepted it and students also love him very much. The best part is, that he finishes the syllabus very flawlessly.

Sudhanshu Sir Teaching Career

Sudhanshu Sir is a passionate chemistry teacher with over 9 years of experience. He explains the complex topics of inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. He has God’s level of knowledge in terms of physical chemistry. Students are fortunate to have a teacher like him. Before he joined Physics Wallah, he was the head of the chemistry department at PACE IIT in Delhi. He has produced students, who have secured AIR 38 in JEE Adv 2021, AIR 179, AIR 300, and AIR 389 in JEE Advanced 2022.

Sudhanshu Sir Family


Sudhanshu Sir Net Worth


Sudhanshu Sir Educational Qualification

Sudhanshu Sir is not only a decorated teacher but also a brilliant student of his time. He cracked IIT-JEE and got admitted into IIT Delhi. He completed his B.Tech degree in 2013 and from there on pursued his teaching career.

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Who is Sudhanshu Sir?

Sudhanshu Sir is a popular chemistry teacher in PW. He makes complex concepts clear for students. He helped many students to achieve impressive results in JEE & NEET.

What subject does Sudhanshu sir teach?

He teaches chemistry in PW Kota. His specialty is physical chemistry.

What is the educational background of Sudhanshu Sir?

He completed his B.Tech from IIT Delhi.

How old is Sudhanshu Sir?

As of April 2024, he is 33 years old.

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