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Sachin Jakhar Sir is a math teacher for JEE aspirants. He is well-known among the students and graduated from NIT Kurukshetra with B.Tech. He is known as the “God of Maths” among his students. Many of his students have gone on to study at top IITs and NITs.    

About Details 
Real nameSachin Jakhar 
Nick nameSachin Sir
Popular forTeaching Mathematics 
ProfessionMaths Teacher at PW
Date of Birth26 July 1990
Age 34
Birthplace Kurukshetra, Haryana 
Hometown Kurukshetra, Haryana
Current Address Delhi
High SchoolUnknown
College NIT Kurukshetra
Educational Qualification B.Tech
Nationality Indian
Language Speaks Haryanvi, Hindi, English

Who is Sachin Jakhar Sir?

Sachin Jakhar Sir is not only a brilliant math whiz, but also a fantastic educator and motivator. He always focuses and pushes his students so that they can achieve their dreams. After graduating from the prestigious NIT Kurukshetra, he found his passion in teaching. Despite getting good offers from reputed MNCs, he chose to teach mathematics and Physics at Wallah Institute. He inspires JEE aspirants with his outstanding math lectures. He isn’t just teaching math, he’s making a real difference in the lives of his students.

Why do Students Love Sachin Jakhar Sir?

Students admire Sachin Jakhar Sir because:

  • Strong Teaching Skills: Sachin Sir has a very strong teaching skill. He makes students understand the complex topics of mathematics such as calculus and trigonometry. This makes the subject less intimidating and easier to grasp for students.
  • Backing Students:  Sachin Sir has always backed dropper students. He always stands by the students and helps them to face the pressure. He even launched separate free batches for the droppers students.
  • Motivational Approach: As I said previously, Sir makes one believe that he or she can achieve their dream no matter how hard it is.
  • Accessibility: Physics Wallah offers affordable online courses. So that quality education is available to a wider range of students. It made Sachin Jakhar sir a household name for JEE mathematics.

Sachin Sir Teaching Career

Sachin Jakhar isn’t a typical teacher. He left his lucrative package of MNCs and decided to become a teacher. At Physics Wallah Institute, he teaches JEE aspirants mathematics. But Sachin Sir’s dedication goes beyond textbooks. He even hosts a podcast to keep the spirits high, especially for students who are droppers. He understands the pressure they face and always tries to motivate them on their journeys. 

Sachin Sir’s Net Worth

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Sachin Sir Family

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Sachin Sir Educational Qualification 

Sachin Sir graduated from NIT Kurukshetra with a Bachelor’s in Engineering.

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Who is Sachin Sir?

Sachin Sir is a respected educator who graduated from the prestigious NIT Kurukshetra. He is currently teaching Mathematics for JEE students in PW.

What subject does Sachin Sir teach?

Sachin Sir teaches mathematics in various batches of PW for JEE.

Where does Sachin Sir live?

Sachin Sir lives in Delhi. Though he originally hails from Haryana.

What is the birthday of Sachin Sir?

26 July 1990

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