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Have you ever dreamt of studying at a top university abroad but felt lost about where to start? Physics Wallah (PW) has joined forces with ETS (Educational Testing Service) India to help make that dream a reality for you! This is exciting news because ETS India is connected to the world’s biggest educational testing organization. Together, PW and ETS India are launching “PW Unigo,” a one-stop solution to guide students like you in tier 2 and 3 cities who are aiming for international universities.

How Will PW Unigo Help Students?

PW Unigo will offer free counseling sessions to help you to choose your course. They’ll also provide practice tests to boost your confidence and informative webinars featuring international universities. On top of that, there are merit-based scholarships worth Rs 20 lakh per year up for grabs for students taking the TOEFL and GRE exams, along with test, fee discounts! So, if you’ve got your sights set on studying abroad, this collaboration between PW and ETS India is a great place to start your journey. 

Benefits of Physics Wallah (PW) Unigo

Physics Wallah (PW) Unigo is a new initiative launched by Physics Wallah (PW), a major Indian ed-tech platform, specifically aimed at helping students pursue overseas education. Here’s a breakdown of what PW Unigo offers:

  •  Guidance for international studies: They provide assistance with applications to universities abroad, including choosing the right program and university. 
  •  Focus on affordability: Consistent with PW’s core value, PW Unigo aims to make studying abroad more accessible financially.
  •  Support throughout the journey: Their services include helping with visas, passports, and even connecting students with education loans.
  •  Exam preparation: If you’re aiming for exams like GRE or TOEFL required for many universities abroad, PW Unigo can help with preparation for those as well.
  •  Online resources: They have a mobile app with informative videos about universities and countries.

PW Unigo is a one-stop solution for Indian students looking to navigate the process of studying abroad, with a focus on affordability and personalized mentorship.

How to enroll in PW Unigo?

While there might not be a formal enrollment process for PW Unigo itself, here’s how you can likely get started with their services:

  • Explore their website: Head over to the Physics Wallah website and navigate to the PW Unigo section. They might have a contact form or a sign-up option there.
  • Contact them directly:  Look for contact information on the PW Unigo website or social media pages. You can try emailing them or calling their helpline if available.
  • Download the app: PW Unigo has a mobile app for student resources. Downloading it might provide options to connect with them or get updates.

Since PW Unigo is a new initiative, the enrollment process might still be evolving. Their initial focus might be on consultations or introductory sessions to understand your needs. PW Unigo has a Youtube channel with informative videos. You might find enrollment details or contact information there.

Eligibility For MBBS In Abroad

AgeMinimum 17 on or 31st December of the year
Education10+2 with Science
SubjectsPhysics, Chemistry, Biology, and English
Minimum Marks50% in 12th
NEET ExamMust Qualify NEET

Physics Wallah (PW) : The Most Profitable Ed-tech Company in the Country 

While many contemporary ed-tech companies focus on an audience (top 10-15%), Physics Wallah focuses on affordability. Their lower pricing strategy allows them to tap into the vast majority (85-90%) of students who might not otherwise have access to quality education. This unique approach has proven to be a major advantage, making Physics Wallah an exception in the edtech landscape.

Instead of relying heavily on expensive marketing campaigns, PW utilizes the strong personal brand of its founder, Alakh Pandey, to generate buzz. Students connect with Alakh Sir’s unique style and passion, leading to powerful word-of-mouth marketing that other companies envy.

While competitors like Unacademy, Vedantu, and BYJU’s are cutting costs and laying off employees, PW is in expansion mode. They’re opening more coaching centers, adding new classes, and even planning to teach in different Indian languages! Their ultimate dream? To reach 250 million students by 2025! They already have over 20 “Pathshalas” – kind of like offline classrooms – with over half a million students last year. PW seems to believe that meeting students face-to-face and making learning easier to access is the key to their future success.

In June 2022, PW became a “unicorn” by raising a huge amount of money, $100 million! But what really sets them apart is that they’re making money, unlike most other educational companies who are burning money.


What is Physics Wallah?

Physics Wallah is an EdTech company that offers affordable online and offline coaching for competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET and other Govt. exams in India.

What is PW Unigo?

PW Unigo is a one-stop shop launched by Physics Wallah (PW) to guide students in tier 2 and 3 cities who dream of studying abroad. They help with everything from choosing universities to preparing for exams and securing scholarships.

Is PW Unigo free?

PW Unigo offers a variety of services, including free counseling sessions to get you started. There might be additional costs for specific services like exam preparation or application assistance.

What exams does PW Unigo help prepare for?

PW Unigo can assist with preparation for exams like GRE and TOEFL, which are required by many international universities.

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