PW Prarambh 2027 + BA Degree Program Complete Details

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The “PW Prarambh 2027 + BA Degree Program” offers an integrated UPSC preparation and a Bachelor’s degree from Mangalayatan University. The program spans three years, starting with UPSC basics, and advancing to optional subjects. It includes guidance and coaching for the BA Course along with rigorous practice and revision. This batch makes a balance between academic studies with UPSC preparation to prepare them for every opportunity.

Features of PW UPSC Prarambh Batch

The “PW Prarambh 2027 + BA Degree Program” offers several key features and benefits:

  • Integrated Curriculum: Combines UPSC preparation with a Bachelor’s degree from Mangalayatan University.
  • Expert Faculty: Access to top educators and experienced mentors.
  • Comprehensive Study Material: Well-structured curriculum covering UPSC basics to advanced topics.
  • Flexible Learning: Online classes and resources for convenient learning.
  • Financial Assistance: Scholarships and financial aid are available for eligible students.
  • Holistic Preparation: Balances academic and UPSC exam readiness, ensuring well-rounded development.

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BA program in the “PW Prarambh 2027 + BA Degree Program”

The BA program in the “PW Prarambh 2027 + BA Degree Program” is offered in collaboration with Mangalayatan University. This integrated course combines UPSC preparation with a comprehensive Bachelor of Arts curriculum. It includes a structured three-year program, core and optional subjects for UPSC, online classes, expert mentorship, and extensive study materials. Regular assessments and exams are conducted to monitor progress and ensure a strong grasp of the subjects. Mock tests and practice papers for UPSC preparation are included to provide a real exam-like experience.

Why choose a UPSC course from Physics Wallah?

Here are some reasons why you might consider buying a UPSC exam course from Physics Wallah:

  • Physics Wallah is known for making quality education affordable. Their UPSC courses are significantly cheaper than traditional coaching institutes, making them a great option for students on a tight budget.
  • Physics Wallah offers comprehensive study materials, including video lectures from experienced faculty, covering the entire UPSC syllabus.
  • Get your doubts cleared! Physics Wallah offers a doubt-solving facility where you can connect with experts to get help with any topic troubling you.
  • PW provides you with top-class educators from all over the country who will help you to enhance your learning. They will also guide you to crack the civil service exams in the best way possible.

Regular practice is key to UPSC’s success. Physics Wallah provides you with Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) and weekly tests to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

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What is the PW Prarambh 2027 + BA Degree Program?

The PW Prarambh 2027 + BA Degree Program is an integrated course combining UPSC preparation with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mangalayatan University.

What subjects are covered in the BA degree?

The BA degree includes core subjects like Political Science, History, Sociology, and Economics, along with optional subjects relevant to UPSC preparation.

What resources are provided for UPSC preparation?

Comprehensive study materials, interactive sessions with faculty, and access to previous years’ question papers are provided.

Is there any coupon code available for this batch?


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