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In India, parents mostly prefer only two career paths when the student is in 10th – doctors and engineers. If you want to pursue the first path then you have to go through NEET. It is a high-pressure exam for students aiming for admission into prestigious medical colleges. AIIMS and other eminent government medical colleges across the states are premier medical institutions. NEET is the main entrance exam for these colleges, which are seen as gateways to successful medical careers with high salaries and social respect.

The number of seats in these top colleges is very limited compared to the massive applicant pool. This intense competition makes cracking NEET even tougher. Needless to mention that it is very costly in India, but worry not Physics Wallah is here! Physics Wallah is known for its amazing faculty and budget-friendly prices. Needless to say that it can be your one stop destination for NEET preparation.

Best Teachers for NEET Preparation in Physics Wallah

Here are a few best NEET teachers of Physics Wallah. They have a good experience in the teaching field and they have given top rankers in NEET over the years. If you are willing to prepare for NEET and pursue your doctor dream, then you should follow these absolute legends as your guide.

Saleem AhmedPhysics for NEET
Mohit AgarwalInorganic Chemistry for NEET
Amit MahajanOrganic Chemistry for NEET
Samapti Sinha Mahapatra Biology for NEET
Nomesh Goplani Zoology for NEET
Rupesh Chaudhari Botany for NEET

Saleem Sir PW

Students in Kota know him fondly as “Saleem Bhaiya,” and his real name is Saleem Ahmed. He’s a respected teacher of Physics and idol to many. After earning his B.Tech in Electronics and Computing from the prestigious NIT Trichy, Saleem Bhaiya spent over 9 years teaching in Kota’s top institutes. Now he’s using his passion for Physics at Physics Wallah! He’s not just a teacher though, he’s a mentor who has guided over 10,000 students in person

Mohit Sir PW

Students praise Mohit Sir for his clear explanations, engaging style, and ability to boost confidence. He has a natural ability to break down complex concepts into simple ones. He also completed the whole Inorganic Chemistry part of NEET within 19 lectures.

Amit Mahajan Sir PW

Amit Mahajan is a renowned educator who has shown exceptional expertise in teaching organic chemistry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching methods. If you decide to study from Amit Sir, you’ll be in capable hands, learning valuable insights and building a strong foundation in organic chemistry.

Samapti Ma’am PW

Samapti ma’am is one of the most loved educators in the Indian education field. She has a very in depth knowledge of Zoology and she teaches biology in Physics Wallah. She completed her post graduation in zoology from BHU and from then she is teaching students to crack NEET exam.

Nomesh Sir PW

Nomesh Sir is a respected teacher of zoology and idol to many. After earning his M.Sc in Zoology from the prestigious Bharathiar University. Before joining PW he has been teaching for different universities for 12 years. Before joining Physics Wallah, Nomesh Goplani Sir used to teach in South Asian University. His handwritten notes are still one of the best-sellers over the internet.

Rupesh Chaudhari Sir PW 

Rupesh Chaudhari Sir is teaching botany in PW for about a year now. He was a gold medalist and M.Sc in Botany from University of Rajasthan. He has mentored more than 10000 students in his 12 years of teaching career. Before joining Physics Wallah he performed his duty as HoD of Botany in Takshila, Allen and Aakash Institute. He is often considered as the powerhouse of Botany and the G.O.A.T. of the subject.

Why to choose a NEET course from Physics Wallah?

Here are some reasons why you might consider buying an NEET exam course from Physics Wallah:

  • Physics Wallah is known for making quality education affordable. Their NEET courses are significantly cheaper than traditional coaching institutes, making it a great option for students on a tight budget.
  • Physics Wallah offers comprehensive study materials, including video lectures from experienced faculty, covering the entire NEET syllabus.
  • Get your doubts cleared! Physics Wallah offers a doubt-solving facility where you can connect with experts to get help with any topic troubling you.
  • PW always backs dropper students. The teachers always stand by the students and help them to face the pressure.
  • Physics Wallah offers affordable online courses, making quality education available to a wider range of students, which students likely appreciate.
  • Most of the teachers explain complex concepts in a clear, understandable manner. This makes the subject less intimidating and easier to grasp for students.


Is Physics Wallah good enough for NEET?

Physics Wallah offers a comprehensive NEET online coaching program designed to make your prep efficient and successful. The PW NEET Coaching Online is designed to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand lessons, ensuring you get all that is required for the NEET exam.

Who is the best teacher for NEET in Physics Wallah?

Depends upon what subject you choose. If you are choosing biology, which is the main subject in NEET, then the trio of Samapti Ma’am, Noman Sir and Rupesh Sir is the best.

Are Physics Wallah NEET courses good?

Yes, they offer quality education at affordable prices with experienced faculty and study materials. That is why the selection rate is very high in NEET compared to other coaching institutes.

Are NEET courses in PW affordable?

Yes it is. Physics Wallah offers affordable online courses, making quality education available to a wider range of students, which students likely appreciate.

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