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In today’s fast-paced world, innovation and creativity are the keys to success. It’s not just about learning, but how you apply that knowledge to solve real-world problems. That’s where the PW Institute of Innovation comes into play, redefining education and empowering students to become the architects of their futures.

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At the PW Institute of Innovation (PW IOI), the focus isn’t just on textbooks and exams. It’s about fostering an environment where curiosity thrives, ideas flourish, and innovation is second nature.

Let’s delve into what makes this institution so unique and how it’s changing the game for aspiring learners.

PW IOI Teaching Method

Traditional classrooms often follow a set curriculum, but PW IOI takes a different approach. Here, learning is project-based, which means students tackle real-world challenges.

Whether it’s creating sustainable solutions for environmental issues or developing cutting-edge technology, students are encouraged to think critically and innovatively.

Imagine being a part of a team that designs an app to address a local community’s needs or working on a project that has the potential to make a global impact.

PW IOI offers students these opportunities, allowing them to apply their knowledge and make a difference.

Programs Offered By PW IOI

Currently, there are two types of Programs offered by PW Institute Of Innovation.

  1. School of Technology
  2. School of Management

Note: PW IOI in itself is neither a college nor provides a degree. It’s a residential job-ready program

PW IOI Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility extends to students who have completed their Class 12th.
  • Applicants awaiting Class 12th results can also apply.
  • Individuals who have taken a maximum gap of 2 years after completing their Class 12th are eligible to apply.
  • The student who was eligible for JEE Advanced 2024 will get a direct Seat without any entrance exam

How To Apply For the PW IOI Program?

Step 1. First of all, you have to apply for CEE(Common Entrance Exam).

Step 2. You will get a counselor call

Step 3. Then you have an online Test and Interview.

Step 4. After that, there will be a shortlist based on the composite score.

Step 5. Final Confirmation.

PW IOI Fee Structure

If you’re considering joining the PW Institute of Innovation, the 4-year program costs 15 lakhs. Good news: there are scholarships based on your entrance exam performance. You’ll also need to pay an admission fee of Rs 25,000 when you enroll.

YearAdmission Fee(₹)Academic Fee(₹)Accommodation Fee(₹)Total Payable Fee(₹)
1st Year50,0002,47,6501,47,8004,45,450
2nd Year2,47,6501,47,8003,95,450
3rd Year2,47,6502,47,650
4th Year2,47,6501,47,8003,95,450

PW IOI Campus Life

  • Get advice, funding options, and a special area to turn your ideas into a real business.
  • A big collection of books and resources, both in print and online, for you to use.
  • Learn in the latest, high-tech classrooms that are made for today’s way of learning.
  • A place full of energy for staying fit and having fun with sports, promoting good health and teamwork.
  • A space to brainstorm, build prototypes, and bring your inventions to life, plus a special auditorium for sharing creative work.
  • Enjoy tasty and healthy food, feel safe with excellent security, and relax in spaces designed for hobbies and leisure

Scholarships Offered By PW IOI

  1. Percentile obtained in Entrance Exams
  2. Merit-Based Scholarship
  3. EmpowerHer Scholarship For Females
  4. EWS Scholarship Based On Family Income

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is PW IOI?

PW Institute of Innovation, or PW IOI, is a 4-year program in Technology and Management started by PW founder Alakh Pandey and PW Co-founder Prateek Maheshwari.

What is the location of the PW Institute of Innovation(PW IOI)?

PW IOI is located in Bengaluru.

Does PW IOI offer scholarships?

Yes, PW IOI offers various types of scholarships like Percentile obtained in Entrance Exams, Merit-Based Scholarship, EmpowerHer Scholarship For Females, EWS Scholarship Based On Family Income

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