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Chemistry deals with the world of atoms and molecules, which are invisible to the naked eye. This abstract nature can be difficult for students to grasp compared to subjects they can directly observe. Chemistry relies heavily on math skills and memorizing formulas. Students who struggle with math might find these aspects daunting.

A good teacher can bridge the gap between the abstract concepts of chemistry and the real world. They can show how these concepts apply to everyday life. They can use clear and concise explanations, along with helpful analogies and visuals, to make the learning process easier. Physics Wallah has top-class chemistry teachers in their institute, who have a brilliant track record of success.

Subject Teachers
Inorganic Chemistry Mohit Dadheech 
Inorganic ChemistryAshish Arora
Inorganic ChemistryAmit Mahajan 
Organic ChemistryPankaj Sijariya
Organic ChemistryYogesh Jain
Organic ChemistryRohit Agarwal 

Best Inorganic Chemistry Teachers on Physics Wallah

While there’s no single definitive ranking due to individual learning styles, here are the top 3 best inorganic chemistry teachers on Physics Wallah based on student reviews.

Mohit Sir PW

mohit sir pw

Students praise Mohit Sir for his clear explanations, engaging style, and ability to boost confidence. He has a natural ability to break down complex concepts into simple ones. He also completed the whole Inorganic Chemistry part of NEET within 19 lectures.

Ashish Sir PW

ashish sir pw

Ashish Arora is renowned for his clear explanations and student-focused approach. He ensures conceptual understanding before moving to new topics. He always encourages students to ask questions and clear their doubts as much as possible.

Amit Mahajan Sir PW

amit sir pw

Amit Mahajan is a renowned educator who has shown exceptional expertise in teaching organic chemistry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching methods. If you decide to study from Amit Sir, you’ll be in capable hands, learning valuable insights and building a strong foundation in organic chemistry.

Best Organic Chemistry Teachers on Physics Wallah

While there’s no single definitive ranking due to individual learning styles, here are the top 3 best organic chemistry teachers on Physics Wallah based on student reviews.

Pankaj Sir PW

pankaj sir pw

There are many great teachers of organic chemistry, but Pankaj Sir is the best. It can be difficult to decide who to study with, but each has their own strengths. Pankaj Sir is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience teaching students.

Yogesh Sir PW

yogesh jain sir pw

Yogesh Jain Sir has tied up with ETOOS INDIA and PW to impart his knowledge in context with organic chemistry to a large section of the students. He was one of the main brains behind the merger of PW Kota and ETOOS India. Before joining ETOOS INDIA, he used to teach in the esteemed institutions of Kota, like Vibrant and Extra Marks.

Rohit Agarwal Sir PW

rohit aggarwal sir pw

For good realization, you need a mentor who can make your thinking approach in organic chemistry towards the right direction. Rohit sir himself penned numerous books for organic chemistry for JEE & NEET. He was associated with the Nucleus Institute and Allen Coaching Institute in Kota. After that in 2022 he joined PW. His expertise and grip on the subject are very beneficial for the students.


Who is better, Amit Mahajan Sir or Pankaj Sir?

While both Amit Mahajan and Pankaj Sir are renowned organic chemistry teachers, it depends on individuals. Only a student can tell which teacher is better suited for a student.

Who is the best teacher on PW for chemistry?

Mohit Sir, Amit Mahajan and Pankaj Sir are good chemistry teachers at Physics Wallah.

Who is the best inorganic chemistry teacher in Physics Wallah?

When it comes to inorganic chemistry teachers on Physics Wallah, several stand out as particularly strong. But the best is Mohit Sir.

Which coaching is best for chemistry?

With its experienced faculty and high-quality study sessions, Physics Wallah is the best online coaching for IIT JEE and NEET Preparation.

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