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Physics Wallah recently held a special event called Vishwas Diwas. The theme was exciting: “Padhai Ka Naya Andaaz,” which means “A New Era of Education.” To mark this occasion, Physics Wallah launched a bunch of cool new tech tools for learning. These fancy features aim to make studying more personal, fun, and effective – basically, everything students have ever wanted! This is a big step forward in Physics Wallah’s mission to completely change the way millions of Indian students learn.

Physics Wallah AI Guru 

pw ai guru
pw ai alakh

Physics Wallah is finally stepping into the mode of technology and AI. According to the founder Alakh Pandey, it is Physics Wallah 2.0! They are introducing highly powerful tools and technology to enhance the study experience of the students. Along with that they are cutting down prices of their online batches by 80%. This way, more students can afford this high-quality education, even if their budget is tight.

One exciting new feature is AI Guru, a super-smart AI tutor that can answer your questions. Unlike regular tutors, AI Guru is always available and gives consistent answers every time. Over 1.5 million students are already using AI Guru, and the feedback is very positive among the students. In fact, students are using AI Guru three times more than they use PW Sarathi. Thousands of questions are being answered within minutes. PW has initially launched three AI Gurus.

Alakh AI

Physics Wallah has launched an AI version of Alakh Sir as “Alakh AI”. This cool chatbot uses artificial intelligence to personalize learning. Students will feel like they have Alakh Sir available for them 24/7 to answer their questions. Stuck on a problem? No worries! Alakh AI will solve the problem for you – just type it out, send a picture, or even speak it! You’ll get clear answers back, often in a video format, and all within seconds. This is a huge improvement from the previous wait time of 10 hours! With a 94% satisfaction rate, students are loving this new way to learn. 

Sahayak AI

Sahayak, as the name suggests, is your buddy while you study. Tired of feeling lost in class? Feeling nervous about how to cope with backlogs? Sahayak will chalk out a study plan for you as per your schedule. If you ever get stuck on any question, Sahayak will find videos and practice questions to teach you the topic. You’re in control, too. Pick the subjects and chapters you want to focus on, and Sahayak AI will design a way so that you can remember everything. It’s like having a friend by your side, always there to make sure you understand everything. 

NCERT Pitara

NCERT Pitara is a learning tool that uses artificial intelligence to find and practice questions, like multiple choice and fill in the blanks. This helps you identify areas you might need to brush up on. The best part? You can learn at your own pace. No need to rush through long study sessions. Use NCERT Pitara whenever you have free time.

Physics Wallah (PW) – New Technologies for Students

Physics Wallah (PW) is making studying more engaging and fun in a few cool ways. Here’s how: 

Collaborative Learning Environment

Firstly, PW has launched a “Collaborative Learning Environment” where you can chat with classmates in your batch and even participate in “Battleground” sessions. These live practice sessions with your teachers and friends sound much more exciting than just watching lectures alone.

Reducing Data Usage

how to reduce data usage in pw app

Secondly, PW understands that many students don’t have unlimited data. They’ve made their platform super efficient, reducing data usage by a whopping 80-90% for lectures. This means you can watch more lessons without burning out your data plan, so you can learn as much as possible.

Introducing Tapasya Mode

pw tapasya mode

Finally, PW has used a technology called  LearnOS that helps you focus on your studies. This technology has a special “Tapasya Mode” that blocks distracting apps like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for a set time. This way, you can concentrate on your studies and avoid getting sucked into reels. You can even track your progress and compete with friends to stay motivated.

How to Access PW AI Guru?

PW AI Guru is going to be the next big things in education industry. It is becoming quite popular among the students and also delivering answers to them very fast. You can access this feature very easily through your mobile application. Make sure that your app is updated.

PW AI Guru

Step 1: If your app is not updated then please update it and open.

Step 2: Select any JEE or NEET batch. At the bottom right you will get this icon (marked in the picture).

Step 3: Click on this and start asking questions and solve your doubts within second.

For the time being PW has introduced this bought only to solve questions of JEE and NEET. This AI bot is proven to be one of the finest and fastest problem solving chat bot in the industry. If you have already used it, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


What is PW AI Guru?

PW AI Guru is an AI-powered learning assistant developed by Physics Wallah. It has 3 variants. It’s designed to assist students with their learning journey.

What subjects can PW AI Guru help with?

It focuses on the subjects Physics Wallah offers courses in, such as Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology.

How can I access PW AI Guru?

Update your App, it is integrated into the Physics Wallah app. In every JEE and NEET batch you will get the AI Guru option at bottom right. Importantly, no student has to pay any extra money for Guru AI.

Can I chat in Hindi with the AI Guru?

Zaroor! You can ask questions in Hindi or English, even in Hinglish. You will get your answer in seconds.

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